Version 1.3 (March 2020)

Welcome to the Survive First-Aid Student Resource.

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Content in this this booklet is sourced from public downloads and open-source information provided by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). The content has not been altered in any way, only presented as a single document.

Copyright for all Guidelines and content (including text, logos and images) is owned by the Australian Resuscitation Council. The content within these guidelines has been provided for general information purposes only as they may not be relevant to particular circumstances or situations. Australian Resuscitation Council makes the information available on the basis that it is not providing professional advice.

All content can be found at:

Australian Resuscitation Council

Australian Resuscitation Council Disclaimer and Copyright details can be found at:

Content reproduced with the permission of the ARC. None of the contents of this resource is to be modified or incorporated into a different document without the permission of the ARC.

Additional content is sourced from public downloads and open-source information provided by:

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Every heading in this book is linked. If you are communicating with your instructor about a particular topic, you can link the nearest heading by right-clicking (or long press on mobile/tablet) to the right of the heading, and copy the link as shown in the image below. The link can then be pasted in an email e.g.


Change Log

v1.3 (March 2020)

Added the following guidelines:

Updated the following guidelines:

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